Blue Bubble

This beautiful and unique spoon rest would make an ideal gift or simply a practical stylish accessory for any kitchen – to keep your kitchen surfaces clean whilst you cook up your culinary masterpieces!

It measures approx 10 cm x 18 cm and is made from Bullseye Tekta Clear Glass with Copper Oxide Powder sandwiched inbetween the two layers of Tekta Clear Glass.  The Copper Oxide is a black powder before firing but the heat of the kiln transforms this to the wonderful vibrant blue colour you see in the picture complete with an amazing array of various sized bubbles.  It is impossible therefore to create two identical dishes due to the fact that the Copper Oxide powder is sprinkled randomly over the Tekta Clear Glass which then creates the unique bubble patterns.

Please note that these spoon rests are not dishwasher safe and hand washing is recommended.

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