Alley Cats

Especially for all you cat lovers out there!  This cute and quirky alley cats wall hanging has 5 cats silhouettes within a copper frame.  The copper cats design has been sandwiched inbetween 2 layers of Bullseye Tekta clear glass.  The wall hanging measures approximately 12 cm x 7 cm and has a hemp hanging cord which has been decorated with 2 plum purple wooden drum beads. The total length including the hemp hanging cord is approximately 13 cm.

No two alley cats wall hangings are identical as depending on the texture of the copper foil when it is cut out – ie if it remains smooth after firing it will keep its red coppery colour but if crinkled a little will turn an amazing shade of blue – sometimes of course you will get a combination of both blue and red!  Also as air becomes trapped inbetween the two layers of clear glass this creates bubbles – some alley cats will have lots of bubbles, others will have very few which therefore makes each wall hanging unique.

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